Home PC Repair By Pacific Network Management

We provide our customers with a variety of services ranging from installing a complete computer networking center, to a simple PC upgrade. From installing a new software program to removing a computer virus, adding more storage space or connecting you to the internet. Nothing is to large or small. With all the computer devices and software available today, Pacific Network Management will provide you the best choices to meet your computing needs. We know that after you shop around for a "computer fix-it guy", you won't find a more fair business, a more honest business, and a reasonable competitive value for your hard earned dollars. Much like an automobile, your computer will become slower and start to have problems if it is not 'tuned' regularly. Old temporary files and applications clutter up the hard drive, files get fragmented, and some applications can even spy on your Internet Browsing web (surfing) habits, upload your personal information and get in the way of your Internet access.

A Tune Up by Pacific Network Management will enhance your computer's performance, and make sure you're fully protected from security threats and viruses. While we're at it, we'll provide recommendations for how to make the most of the hardware and software investments you've made.

Common Home PC Services

  • Service and upgrade of all laptops, desktops and netbooks
  • Virus removal, FBI “lock”, popups and rogue programs
  • Networking
  • Data recovery
  • Data transfer, for example: from old computer to new, when the drive is healthy and file system intact
  • Hardware and software troubleshooting and repairs
  • Internet and email support
  • Upgrades & installation


Minimum service call includes estimate, trip $20, any repair costing $25 or less. $45 Free diagnosis if proposed repair job is accepted. All of the following repairs are labor only, does not include parts, shipping, or sales tax.
Hourly, except flat rates listed below: Diagnostics, troubleshooting, repairs, testing, consulting. $65.00/hr
Virus, FBI “lock” and spyware removal (usually requires pickup and return due to Lengthy scans). $90.00
Data recovery requires pick-up and delivery, takes from 2 days to 3 or 4 weeks. Usually requires a new hard drive. $75.00 to $500.00
Data transfer, from old computer to new, when the drive is healthy and file system intact $65.00
Device installation, per device, includes setup and testing: Hard drive, CD or DVD drive, printer, power supply $30.00
Adapter cards – video, sound, network $25.00
Set up home network; wired and wireless $65.00
Main board with CPU ( new power supply required ) $70.00
CMOS battery replacement (and BIOS configuration) $10.00
Memory installation (RAM, DIMM) $10.00